What is Blobbybomber?

Blobbybomber is a free, Bomberman-like game. You control a small, jelly like game avatar ("Blobby") on his quest for death and destruction. The goal of the game is to blast away all your enemies by laying bombs.


You can download Blobbybomber for free at Sourceforge.


After starting the game, use the arrow keys to setup your favourite options. You can choose to play alone against one or multiple computer players or you can play against another human player. Start the game by pressing the ENTER key.


Player 1 can move using the arrow keys, and lay bombs by pressing the CTRL or SPACE keys
Player 2 can move using the RDFG keys, and lay bombs by pressing the TAB key

How to play

Lay down bombs near the rocks in order to destroy them. Sometimes a destroyed block leaves behind a powerup which can greatly increase your abilities. Once you have cleared the way to your opponent, try to kill him with your bomb fire!


By default you can only lay down one bomb, then you have to wait until it explodes before you can lay another one. This powerup increases the amount of bombs you can lay down at the same time.
By default your bombs have only a very limited explosion range. Pick up this powerup in order the increase your bomb's power!


If you want to compile Blobbybomber from source, you will need the developement libraries of the used APIs (SDL, SDL-mixer, SDL-image and SDL-ttf2)